The joys of last minute work. I have to stop doing this ugh.

Pull myself together.

You know when everything just seems like too much?. Like all you want to do is do nothing, just relax. But everything just seems stressful and too much at times. This is how its been for the last couple of weeks and it’s only getting worse. I’m in my last semester of university and there’s so much work to do. I feel like i’m suffocating, and i’m starting to doubt and second guess everything i’ve ever done. I don’t know what i am doing and i think this is why this is happening. I can see myself getting lost in the river. But i’m still holding on to the life raft, trying not to sink and drown. I don’t want to doubt myself and i hate that i am like this now. But right now i need to pull myself together and get through this. i’ve worked so hard for this degree the last couple of years. I’m making it all the way. I just gotta breathe and succeed.

I seriously need to reevaluate everything. What the hell am I doing?