"One day you’re going to stop leaving the door open for people who only know how to keep leaving."

Yasmin Z (via sergeantreckless)



Allāh knows every single tear you’ve shed for those you love. He knows the amount of times your heart sank out of sadness and grief & undoubtably He heard every single ‘Ya Allah’ that escaped your quivering lips. Never for a moment lose hope in Him, cry to Him for as long as you need, for He is the only one who can turn your tears of sadness into ones of absolute bliss.


"Do not let the behaviour of others destroy your inner peace."

Dalai Lama (via onlinecounsellingcollege)


To those people who pray Salat in public and in front of everyone. I salute you. Alhamdulilah your bravery inspires me. You lay bare my cowardice before my very eyes. Keep praying. You inspire more hearts then you know. May Allah swt accept your salats.

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